DIMENSIONS (mm): 305 L x 830 D x 300 H

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Heavy-duty gas hot plates offer high-energy performance, outstanding power, durability and reliability. Ensure fast cooking for any busy kitchen. Full-size power combined with table-top flexibility and convenience, excellent space-saving solution. Stainless steel construction: front, sides, landing ledge, valve control panel. Easy to install, clean and maintain. Designed to stand alone or configured in a line-up.

OPEN TOP BURNERS FEATURES: Heavy duty 12" x 12" cast iron top grates, easily removable. Sloping design of cast iron bowl guides any spill away from the burners ports, protecting the flame, not allowing clogs. Heat is radiated upward. Safety valve pilot and burners, CSA and ANSI certified. One stainless steel standing pilot for each burner for instant ignition. Pilot shield protects pilot from spills and grease. Lift-off top two piece cast iron burners rated at 30,000 BTU/hr. each one, total of 60,000 BTU/hr.

OPTIONAL ITEMS: Stainless steel stand with height-adjustable 4" legs.